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Offshore Development

some projects can be fixed price and some are on T & M. Sometimes companies wish to have a programmer, designer or project manager working full time on their project(s). And you wished that you had a dedicated resource sitting offshore, working in your time zone of close to it, but not costing a leg and a hand.

We can provide you with such resources on short term (1 Month), Medium term (3 Months to a year) or Long term

The concerned person reports to you directly. They can be available almost always on your time zone making it possible to work as part of your team. They will be available through E-Mail, IM and you could call them on the telephone too.

The resource is an employee of Wingz Technologies and all that you will be liable for are what you contract for in terms of fees to Wingz Technologies.

The costs for a full time resource ranges from USD 800 per month to USD 2000 per month dependent on the level, experience, technology and analytical skills.

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Want to go a step further and set up your own office. Glasoftware management team has wide experience in consulting and setting up Offshore development Centres in India for US and European customers. We believe there is space for everyone and hence offer this as a separate services.

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